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Welcome to the wonderful world of JSM KIBBEH MOULDS (JSM KIBBEH MOLDS), making cooking a pleasure again.

JSM KIBBEH MOULDS takes the hard work out of preparing foods that have a filling inside them.

It’s easy to be creative with JSM KIBBEH MOULDS (JSM KIBBEH MOLDS).

Use pastries or meat to mould around the fillings of your choice using JSM KIBBEH MOULDS (JSM KIBBEH MOLDS) to make it happen easily and perfectly the first time round.

Your aesthetically pleasing dishes can be used for all occasions.





Discounts apply for large quantities.


Distributed all over the world.




Kibbeh is also known in the following spellings: Kibbah, kibbeh, kubbah, kubbeh, kibbe, kibbi, kibbie, kibbieh, kibbeih, kubbieh, kubbeih, kubbe, kubbie, kubbei, kibbie, kibbei, kubbi, kabbi, kabbie, kabbei, kabbeih, kabbieh

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